PREFACE Event Essay

You’ll attend 2 PREFACE events this semester and write an essay about each one.


This assignment provides you with practice at the important academic skills of summary & analysis, it asks you to think critically about the Preface program, and it requires you to argue whether or not a particular event succeeds at fulfilling the goals of that program.


For each response, write a one-page letter to the PREFACE Planning Committee evaluating the value and impact of the event you attended.

MLA Format

Be sure to format your paper according to MLA guidelines: 1-inch margins, the font Times New Roman, 12-point type, double spaced text, indented first lines for every paragraph. In the upper lefthand corner of your first page, type your name, my name, the name of the course, and the date of the draft. In the header of each page, in the upper righthand corner, include your last name and the page number.