English 371: Final Exam Study Guide

Putting the proposal package together

OGWB Lesson 15, WGSBS Step 10, and WGSBS Step 11

Project Description: Goals and Objectives

OGWB Lesson 8 and WGSBS Step 4

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Project Description: Methods

OGWB Lesson 9 and WGSBS Step 5

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Project Description: Evaluation

OGWB Lesson 11 and WGSBS Step 6

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Capacity and Sustainability

OGWB Lesson 13, 14 and WGSBS Step 7, 9

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OGWB Lesson 12 and WGSBS Step 8

Relationships with funders

OGWB Lesson 16 and WGSBS Step 12

What funders are looking for

OGWB Funders Roundtable II