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The "Organization Information" component of your grant application describes, in detail, "all the positive qualities of the organization" seeking funding(WGSBS). Your goal is to establish the credibility of the organization seeking funding. This component should answer this question: "What is the key information that this funder needs about the organization and its qualifications to solidify the case for support?" (WGSBS). You should describe what principles that guide the organization, what specific things the organization does, how long the organization has been doing them, the organization’s relationship to the community it serves, and the organization’s financial. This component should contain the following parts:

Mission (Step 9)

History & Current Status (Step 9)

Accomplishments (Step 9)

Capacity (Lesson 14)


As needed, find relevant supporting information from credible sources and be sure to cite them according to MLA Style or APA Style in both parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page.

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Adapted from OGWB and WGSBS