Essay 1: Literacy Narrative


This assignment give you structured practice in thinking critically about reading & writing and your own experience with these practices. The process of reflection, drafting, and revision will give you an opportunity to formally organize your thoughts about this topic and think about the possible relationships between your past experiences as a reader & writer and the future that you want to pursue.


As Monika Shehi writes in Bridging the Difference, a literacy narrative “tells a story, or a narrative, but the topic of this story is your literacy, or your experience with reading and writing. Just like any other story, the literacy narrative seeks to explore what is significant about your experience in order to help you take stock of yourself as a reader and writer at this point in your academic journey” (29).

This assignment requires you to identify, reflect upon, and then write about an event or experience that affected you in a meaningful way, made you see the world differently, changed your opinion about something important, or caused you to think long and hard about a topic that had never concerned you before.

Specifically, you will write about something that happened in your life with regard to the act of reading, the act of writing, or both.

A good personal narrative like this should provide the following:

Additionally, you should take into account the features of a good literacy narrative as explained in Bridging the Difference, and as discussed in class.

MLA Format

Be sure to format your paper according to MLA guidelines: 1-inch margins, the font Times New Roman, 12-point type, double spaced text, indented first lines for every paragraph. In the upper lefthand corner of your first page, type your name, my name, the name of the course, and the date of the draft. In the header of each page, in the upper righthand corner, include your last name and the page number.

Discussion questions about example literacy narratives

Be specific, and be prepared to cite specific passages