Essay 4: Final Essay: Proposal

The basics

Sample Proposals (PDF)


In this essay, you will identify a current and controversial topic, explain a problem related to that topic that needs to be solved, propose a solution to that problem in an extended argument.. The purpose of this essay is to express your own opinion regarding the best way to address the problem; however, to maintain a thoughtful, substantiated position on the issue, you should consider other positions that have been taken on that issue.

(This essay is significantly different than the final essay students write in English 101. In that course, the final essay required you to describe a current and debatable issue or topic and three competing viewpoints regarding it, then finally to explain the position you find most reasonable.)

Multi-stage process

You will complete the following steps for this assignment. Failing to complete any of these steps will have a negative effect on your grade:

Outlining your proposal

Introduction (1 paragraph, roughly 200 words)

Context / Background (1 to 2 paragraphs: roughly 300 to 450 words)

Overview of other proposals (2 to 3 paragraphs: roughly 450 to 600 words)

Explanation of your proposal (this is most of your essay)

Respond to naysayers (1 to 2 paragraphs: roughly 300 to 450 words)

Conclusion (1 substantial paragraph)

Works Cited Page


The final paper in English 102 will allow you to demonstrate all that you have learned in this course this semester and in English 101, including the following: