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Pop Culture Textual Analysis: Annotated Bibliography

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You will briefly summarize and evaluate 3 different sources about your chosen pop culture text. You will find these sources – using information literacy skills learned in English 101 -- through the USC Upstate Library and through search engines like Google. In choosing your sources for this assignment, your bias should be towards credible, established sources of information that provide thoughtful, interesting commentary about your chosen pop culture text.

The process for creating an annotated bibliography is pretty straightforward:

An annotation does two things:

  1. it summarizes, and

  2. it evaluates.

Make sure that each of your annotations provides not only an adequate summary of what a particular source says but also a thoughtful assessment of the quality of that work.

Get to the point quickly. Do not write an overly long annotation. In your annotation, do not repeat such things as the name of the author, the name of the article, or the name of the publication: all of that information is already contained in MLA-style bibliographic entry. Identify the main point of the source and explain how that point is supported.

General advice

The following website does a good job of also explaining how to create an annotated bibliography:

Engle, Michael, Amy Blumenthal, and Tony Cosgrave. "How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography." Cornell University Library Reference Department. 5 March 2007. https://olinuris.library.cornell.edu/content/how-prepare-annotated-bibliography