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Project 2: Video Literacy Narrative: Links

Project 2 is a literacy narrative, a 2- to 3-minute multimodal story that describes how you learned to read, write, and/or compose in your favorite communicative mode. The topic is up to you. Project 2 details…


Your finished product will be a video uploaded to YouTube. How you create the video is up to you, and you may use whatever software application makes the most sense for your project. The website Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling (College of Education, University of Houston)provides a list of several relevant applications that can be used for this project:

Where to Find (And How to Use) Multimedia Assets (images, audio, video)

You might choose to create all of the images, audio, and video for your narrative. Or you may choose to incorporate multimedia assets you've found online. For more information about how to ethically (and legally) use the work of others, consult the course "Intellectual Property" page.

Literacy narrative examples from around the Web

Do not conclude that because I am sharing these examples I must think that all of them are perfect. They are not. Rather, I am sharing them because they give us an opportunity to talk about the different design and rhetorical choices – both good and bad – that their creators made.

As you watch them, make some notes about what is done well and what could be done better. Be prepared to discuss in class.

  1. “My Digital Literacy Narrative,” by Jonica Kao https://youtu.be/itxUK-Iqi2Q
  2. “Digital Literacy Narrative,” by Kt Ka’iulani Leota https://youtu.be/czc_Iyvrfz4
  3. “Digital Literacy Narrative,” by user blaus1jh https://youtu.be/xriWuCSe1Zs
  4. “Final Digital Literacy Narrative,” by Erica Bowling https://youtu.be/fERx3ULhSyc
  5. “An Unexpected Journey - Literacy Narrative,” by Meredith Garcia https://youtu.be/Nj3AEOIsmHk
  6. “ENG101 Assignment - Literacy Narrative,” by user J1mmy https://youtu.be/0AZj1YJpeHI
  7. “Multimodal Literacy Narrative (Bilingualism),” by user Prykrympt https://youtu.be/T–4JWiAitWM
  8. “Digital Literacy Narrative,” by Dominique Garcia https://vimeo.com/126701250
  9. “Digital Literacy,” by Erika Mendoza https://vimeo.com/126761562
  10. “A Literacy Narrative,” by Christopher Hamilton https://youtu.be/svGwfc0WPkk
  11. “Literacy narrative of a deaf professor (Jane Fernandes),” by the DALN https://youtu.be/L1eFHRQGFeg
  12. “‘Silence’ Literacy Narrative Multimodal Project,” by Madison Cooper https://youtu.be/eJrCuq7JLbQ

Literacy narrative examples from previous sections of English 318

(At this point, I'll politely suggest that you come up with a title that doesn't include the phrase "literacy narrative"...)

  1. "My Fairytale Literacy Narrative" https://youtu.be/WMVCYTp09Q4
  2. "Literacy Narrative on Fanfiction" https://youtu.be/ZXfcPQw7aCM
  3. "The Girl Who Lived" https://youtu.be/J_GsWusLWb4
  4. "Digital Narrative" https://youtu.be/I8Z81-sgl48
  5. "Literacy Narrative" https://vimeo.com/187809128
  6. "Literacy Narrative" https://vimeo.com/187821585
  7. "Literacy Narrative" https://youtu.be/9TnqKzLNlek

Other video examples that do interesting things

  1. “I stim, therefore I am,” by user kuiamalynne https://youtu.be/s2QSvPIDXwA
  2. “In my language,” by Amanda Baggs https://youtu.be/JnylM1hI2jc
  3. “Why I Mind,” by Brenda Jo Brueggman https://youtu.be/RoNR6EWT7D4
  4. “How Blind People Find Braille Signs,” by Tommy Edison https://youtu.be/fYLdlO96uaM
  5. “How To Tell Someone They Sound Racist,” by Jay Smooth https://youtu.be/b0Ti-gkJiXc
  6. “Growing Up Blind,” by Tommy Edison https://youtu.be/K_P8kQg1Qq8
  7. “How Blind People Write Braille,” by Tommy Edison https://youtu.be/hj51UuxwjaE
  8. “Dear President Obama: ‘We Will Give Him a Family,’” by the White House https://youtu.be/F6r1kbQH8hI
  9. “Kid President’s 20 Things We Should Say More Often,” by SoulPancake https://youtu.be/m5yCOSHeYn4
  10. “Dear Ice Bucket Challenge Haters,” by user nigahiga https://youtu.be/yB8K7sVGYh4
  11. “RSA ANIMATE: Smile or Die,” The RSA (lecture by Barbara Ehrenreich) https://youtu.be/u5um8QWWRvo