Project 3: Professional Site

Except where otherwise specified, you are not required to wait until the due date to complete and submit your work. Due dates are listed on the course calendar.


  1. Genre analysis report
  2. Mockup
  3. First draft, ready for peer review
  4. Report
  5. Final draft, ready to be graded


This project asks you to revise your Project 1 web site with a different audience in mind. For Project 1, your audience was the members of this class. For this project, your audience is the professional world at large where you currently work or where you hope to work one day. If someone from the professional world Googles you, what do you want them to find? How can you best present yourself and your work to that world with this site? What examples of your work – e.g. a portfolio – can you provide?

When creating your website, take into account what we’ve learned about design choices, and make smart decisions about


The Details

The following are requirements of this project:

What You Will Do

 Milestone 1: Genre Analysis Report

Like the Genre Analysis Report for the Informational Campaign, this assignment is based in part on the first half of Chapter 3. You will find and analyze between 4 and 6 sites maintained by individual professionals who are doing the kind of work that you are doing or plan to do in your professional life. The final report must summarize the Write/Design Assignment Steps 2–4 on p. 45 of the book. The final report must include:

  1. A summary of your findings.
  2. An appendix that includes a link to each of the examples.

 Milestone 2: Mockup

Create a website mockup for your project. Refer to Chapter 6 for help. The mockup should be as professional as you can make it (something like Figure 6.2 will work) and should follow the guidelines on page 95. You will need to post your mockup to your blog; this could be a PDF, a scan of a hand-drawn mockup, or some other kind of digital file. Make sure that whatever you upload is oriented correctly; in other words, don’t post images that are rotated 90 degrees off of horizontal. Submit a link to your blog post on Blackboard.

 Milestone 3: First draft, ready for peer review

The rough draft website should be online and fully usable. Other students will provide you with feedback in a draft workshop. Refer to Chapter 7: you should have as many of the bullet points on page 110 done as possible. Some may not be possible yet, but do the best you can. Submit a link to your draft site on Blackboard.

 Milestone 4: Report

After peer review, write up a 300-word report that details what people liked, what they wanted to see changed, and what you intend to work on for the final draft. Submit this report on your blog. Submit a link to your blog post on Blackboard.

 Milestone 5 Final draft, ready to be graded

You will submit to Blackboard the final draft of your project in the form of a link to your website.